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Sit Stay Caring Dog Care

A service we sometimes offer. If staff is available, we can spend the day or overnights with your pet, at your house. The service can possible include caring for the other pets such as cats, rabbits, etc. and bringing in the mail.

At Sit. Stay., we are constantly looking for ways to expand on the services we offer our community of dog lovers. Sometimes, because of age or anxiety, dogs are more comfortable in their own homes than in a daycare setting. So we are pleased to announce the latest addition: daytime home visits to walk, feed, and water your dog, and overnight home stays (when available) so that your four-legged friend can remain in his own surroundings when you are away.

You no longer have to worry about leaving your dog alone in the house for hours on end. Lifelong area resident Wendy Plump is on-board as Sit. Stay.’s home visit specialist. Wendy has known the Roberts Family since she was 16 years old (a very long time ago), and has raised two sons in the Newtown area. Both sons have gone off to college now, leaving her with the time and energy to care for your dog in your home according to your own schedule and needs.

A devoted dog owner, Wendy will stop by to give your dog the attention and love he/she needs while you are at work or on vacation. The service can include simply letting your dog out on a daily basis, a night-stay for those whose dogs are happier in their homes than in a boarding situation, an “emergency” home visit when you are stuck in traffic or held up unexpectedly at the office, or a 15-minute walk in your community. If you want your dog to have more exercise, Wendy will drive your dog to the canal along the Delaware River for a good, long workout. It’s up to you. An initial home visit to bond with the dog beforehand is provided for free.

We are happy to discuss rates depending on what you may need from Sit. Stay. Special rates are available for clients who recommend dog owners in their neighborhoods who also become clients. Wendy can be reached through her cell phone at (215) 779-9837. She lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania. 

Please give us a call to talk about how our newest service can contribute to a happy, healthy pet.

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Also a service we can offer if staff is available.

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