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We offer BOARDING 365 days a year. See drop off, and pick up times, during the holidays below.

For many of our regular guests we are their second home. After a day at Dog Day Care, the dogs usually walk in and plop down on the couch, an area rug, or on their bed after an exciting day of play at the farm. They become part of our family for the evening. At night, everyone sleeps in their own individual space in the kennel. They each have their own rug, bed, food bowls and are not crated. It is climate controlled and we have radiant floor. We have a small dog area, as well as a big dog area. We have larger spaces for mulitple dogs that are used to being together.

REQUIRED for the safety of your pet -

- Copies of current rabies vacination certificate

- Your vetinarian's phone number and address

- Emergency contact phone numbers

- Current Dog License

BRING with you -

- Your dog's food. Mark it with the amount and time fed. We supply bowls.

- A leash and collar or harness. Please have dog leashed and controlled upon arrival at the farm. Do not open the door and let the dog run out of the car unattended.

- If your dog sleeps in a crate normally, please bring that as well.

- No toys are necessary. They could inspire jealousy.

- Medication if required. We do not charge extra for simple needs such as 1 or 2 pills administered in pill pockets or cheese, but if your dog requires multiple pills, drops, insulin, or ointments extra charges may apply.

INFORMATION you feel is important -

- If your dog has any allergies, fears or anxiety issues and how you normally address them

- Any routines that will make sure his/her stay is more enjoyable


Saturdays and Sundays -
- If your dog is boarding for one night only, drop off time is 9- 9:30 a.m. and pick up time is 3:30-4:00 p.m. the following day
- If your dog is boarding for the weekend, drop off time is 9- 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, and pick up time is 3:30-4:00 p.m .on Sunday
- If your dog is boarding for more than two days, call to schedule drop off and pick up times

PLEASE make sure you pick up your pup on time. Other pups are waiting for us.

HOLIDAYS times -

Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving, dogs must be dropped off before day of these holidays, and picked up a day afterwards.

Click on this link to see what a day at the Farm looks like.

Testimonials -
"Heather and everyone At Sit and Stay are amazing!!!! When I say things happen for a reason I am not kidding!! My pups loved loved loved spending the week with Heather and her family. The peace of mind and love that Sit and Stay give you are priceless!!! My boys can't wait to go back!"
Lisa M.

"Being a new puppy mom I was very nervous having to leave our puppy for a week when we were out of town. Heather was amazing. She sent pictures to us throughout our trip of Payton and his new friends at sit and stay! He was in good hands all week and had so much fun! We now have an easy and convenient place to bring Payton when we have to travel - or are just away for the day! I can assure you, your puppy or dog will LOVE it here!!! thanks heather for all you do!"
Dee B.



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